Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Oh, hello

Hi everyone, remember me!?

I think the last time I posted I was PLANNING a wedding. Now, I am writing to you as a new and rejuvenated, married lady! It's been a great (almost) year and I am still reeling from the wedding day that went off nearly without a hitch. I have lived another day to tell you about it here, or to at least share a few of my favorite pictures, and add the details at another time.

The best way to go about this, probably in sections, I would hate to overwhelm you!

My beautiful Dress from Mikaella Bridal

Best Shoes Ever! by Miu Miu

Lovely bouquet by Village Flower Basket

This is a start (teaser) and I assure you, it won't be as long before I post again! New and exciting things are on the horizon as I help friends gather ideas to make their special days amazing!

Stay tuned and happy planning!
xo M

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